Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,


The italian team is happy to inform you that, in accordance with the JA project plan, we’ve delivered the D.051 Release 1 Minimum planning data requirements (third and final draft) last Saturday, 30th November.


The document was sent to all the WP Leaders in order to prepare the discussion for the official approval during the next Executive Board, which will be held December the 13th.


Please find here the document sent.


First of all, we would like to thank you for the interest shown and the help received through your feedback: we are proud to inform you that we have received feedback from all WP5 Associated partners, most of the collaborative partners and WP6 and WP7 Leaders.


We thank once again all those who have sent an immediate positive feedback to our second draft, most of you.


Thanks to those who sent us comments, questions, requests and ideas through which we have been able to improve and deepen significantly our first deliverable, nevertheless the information contained in D051 are substantially the results of the Milan workshop.


We have analyzed every single comment received, taking them into consideration with due care and attention, in general we have:

  • replaced some terms, according to your suggestions;
  • specified more in detail some concepts, where you were asking explanations (in particular, the difference between planning process and forecasting model);
  • centered the model of the demand-side on the concept of the health consumption;
  • specified better the model of forecasting demand;
  • included some examples to better explain the indicator N.1;
  • strengthened the concepts expressed by including additional references.


Apart the explanation in the demand-side, the contents of the indicators and the MDS were unchanged.


Your notes were so different and articulate that it is not possible to summarize how they have been treated, as a general rule, we welcomed comments in line with what was discussed and decided in the Milan workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding your comments.


Thank you for your kind attention.


Kind regards,


The Italian Team
WP5 – JA EUHWForce

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