There are 30 associated partners participating in the Joint Action at the moment under coordination of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Health. The number of partners is already substantial, but there is still room for joining the network.

Who are the associated partners to the Joint Action?

The associated partners participate in the Joint Action, for which their costs are borne and to which they contribute financially. The Consortium Agreement (ref. section About the Joint Action – Main documents) governs relations between the main partner and associated partners of the Joint Action to ensure proper performance with appropriate management.

What are the main responsibilities of the associated partners?

  • Forwarding the data to the main beneficiary needed to draw up the reports, financial statements and other documents provided for in the grant agreement including its annexes;
  • Ensuring that all information provided to the Chafea is sent via the main partner;
  • Informing the main partner immediately of any event that could substantially affect or delay the implementation of the action of which they are aware;
  • Informing the main partner of transfers between items of eligible costs;
  • Providing the main partner with all the necessary documents in the event of audits, checks or evaluations.