Who is the main partner of Joint Action Health Workforce?


The main partner and coordinator of the Joint Action (‘Work package 1’) of the Joint Action is the FPS Federal Public Service Health, Food chain Safety and Environment in Belgium, represented by the Programme manager Michel Van Hoegaerden and WP1 leader, Tina Jacob.


What are the responsibilities of the main partner of the Joint Action?


The prime responsibility of the main partner is to ensure that the Joint Action is implemented according to the Grant Agreement. The coordinator conducts all communication between associated partners and the Chafea (Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency).


Furthermore, the main partner takes responsibility for the administrative, financial and overall project management of the action by providing the Chafea with all required documents and information, particularly in relation to payment requests (i.e. original accounting documents, signed copies of sub-contracts etc.). Where information from the associated partners is required, the main partner shall be responsible for obtaining and verifying this information and passing it on to the Chafea.


Other responsibilities of the main partner include:

  • Informing the associated partners of any event which he/she is aware of that could substantially affect the implementation of the Joint Action;
  • Establishing the payment requests on behalf of the associated partners, detailing the exact share and amount assigned to each partner, in accordance with the agreement, the estimated eligible costs as foreseen in Annex II of the grant agreement and the actual costs incurred;
  • Ensuring that all the appropriate payments are made to the associated partners without unjustified delay and informing the Chafea of the distribution of the EU financial contribution among partners and of the date of transfer of funds to its associates;
  • Responsibility in the event of audits, checks or evaluations, for providing all the necessary documents, including the accounts of the associated partners, originals or certified copies of the original accounting documents and certified and signed copies of sub-contracts, if any have been concluded by the partners.