D031Evaluation Strategy

PDF to download   E.B. APPROVED (27.09.2013)

D032Expert Reference Group Reports

D033 Interim Evaluation Report

PDF to download   E.B. APPROVED (04.11.2014)


The interim evaluation report highlights the implementation of the evaluation strategy half-term of the programme

D034Final Evaluation Report

Final Evaluation Report


Evaluation was an integral part of the EU Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting process. The overall aim was to verify whether the Joint Action has been implemented as planned and reaches the defined objectives with quality. The focus was on three perspectives: the process, outputs and outcomes.


Several internal evaluation reports on the process of the Joint Action and the quality of the deliverables as well as expert reference group reports and a focus group report on the outputs and the outcomes of the Joint Action were submitted. The final evaluation report presents the methods and the tools used and summarizes the findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned based on the evaluation process.