Message from WP6 Team to WP6 Partners:


Dear WP6 Partners,


Thank you to all that have requested to attend our February workshops in London. We are in the process of confirming numbers and will be contacting you soon to confirm the allocation of spaces. For those who have yet to register it is not too late.  If you are interested in attending please contact


 In our workshop we seek to achieve two things:

  • Validation of the comparison of qualitative methods in health workforce planning based on information provided by partners (related to D061 User Guidelines on how to use qualitative methodologies to estimate future health workforce needs).
  • To train partners to conduct Horizon Scanning interviews with key stakeholders to enable the identification of drivers that may impact on the health workforce (related to DO62 Report on Future Skills & Competencies).


To facilitate this WP6 have created a pre-reading document.  This document contains:

  • Information from partners who informed us that they use or have used qualitative methods in their health workforce planning
  • A paper on ‘proposed methods’ which outlines the methods proposed by CfWI to identify the drivers which may influence the skills and competences needed by the future European health workforce.
  • A glossary of terms for WP6.


We hope you all find this reading informative and useful in understanding WP6’s work as well as useful preparation for those attending our workshop in February.


Again we urge those who are interested in attending to register their attendance.


Charlotte Burge
Graduate Consultant  | Centre for Workforce Intelligence
209-215 Blackfriars Road | London | SE1 8NL | UK  |+44(0)7825 592767


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The centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) is the national authority on workforce planning and development, providing advice and information to the health and social care system. Our mission is to become the primary source of workforce intelligence for health and social care. We produce quality intelligence to inform better workforce planning, in order to improve people’s lives.

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