The Work Package 7 Team – Medical University of Varna – sent this March 28th an invitation to the more than 200 participants to the joint action experts meeting to date,  to join a list of experts in order to start the experts network.


Professor Kostadinova wrote: 


“Dear Colleague,


The Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning & Forecasting, funded by the Health Programme of the European Union, is creating a platform for collaboration and exchange of experts in the field of Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting (HWF Pl&F).


This network is urgently needed to help the European Union to deepen understanding of the issues, to identify solutions to address the increasing imbalance of Europe’s health workforce.


Attached you will find the leaflet describing the Joint Action and the official letter of invitation from Joint Action, Work Package 7 – Sustainability.


As an expert in the field, we hope that you might be willing to take part in this network. Therefore, we kindly invite you to participate in this initiative.


Yours faithfully,
Prof. Todorka Kostadinova, PhD
Work Package 7 Leader”


The ambition is to provide the Executive Board organised June 4th, 2014 with a first list of experts, and from then start a process of improving and updating it.


If the invitation is currently restricted to the active participants to the Joint Action, our readers that wish to join will be given the opportunity no later than the second part of this year within the process of producing the next version of the list.


The Q&A file joined to the invitation letter may be found here.
The concept of the List of Experts has been presented at the first Plenary Assembly in Bratislava.

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