Dr Rüdiger Krech, Director at the Office of the Assistant Director-General Health Systems and Innovation 
of the World Health Organization kindly encouraged the participants to the 3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health to disseminate the following information:

The 83 HRH commitments which have been received and/or have been announced at the 3rd Global Forum are now live on the Global Health Workforce Alliance website and can be accessed at: http://www.who.int/workforcealliance/forum/2013/hrh_commitments/en/index.html without alteration of the language. The site will be updated with the translations as they become available.

The Recife Political Declaration and the support statements received from civil society and other GHWA partners and members are available at http://www.who.int/workforcealliance/forum/2013/3gf_outcomes/en/index.html

The final list of participants, is accessible at:

The Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning & Forecasting (Michel Van Hoegaerden) was asked to participate in a panel session on planning during the 3rd HRH Global Forum. Also Giovanni Leonardi took part in a high level panel representing Italy.


Or contribution was appreciated by many and gave another perspective on the Health Workforce Issues.

The Joint Action intervention is available to you.



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