Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM Statement on the Action Plan for the EU Health Workforce


On 18 April 2012, the European Commission adopted an Action Plan for the Health Workforce in Europe [SWD(2012)93final]. This document is part of the so-called “Employment Package” that aims at supporting the economic recovery across the EU by boosting jobs, in particular in the green economy, ICT, and health and social care.


In the meeting of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Commitee for the Hospital Sector of 5 September EPSU and HOSPEEM have adopted a Joint Statement on the Action Plan for the EU Health Workforce. The document aims at highlighting key issues of the Action Plan from their point of view.


The Joint Statement is addressed to DG SANCO and DG EMPL and the Euroepan Commission in general. The European sectoral social partners for the hospital/health care sector welcome this initiative of the European Commission and the strong focus of European employment and training policies on their sector. EPSU and HOSPEEM also express their interest in being consulted by the European Commission on further steps and for their members in being involved in the implementation of concrete future measures that are linked to outcomes of their work and negotiations.


In section 4 “Actions to promote a sustainable workforce for health in Europe” the Staff Working Document sets out different initiatives to address a range of challenges in view of an effective recruitment and retention of health workers. For HOSPEEM and EPSU it will be crucial that the ongoing lessons learnt from these different initiatives can be continually cross referenced to avoid duplication and ensure a coherent approach to considering EU health workforce issues. To this regard they make several comments, elaborated on proposals and express their concerns.

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