The European Health Futures Forum has joined the Joint Action on European Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting. This three-year programme, involving members of the European Commission’s Working Group on the European Workforce for Health is the largest European Joint Action to date and is intended to help countries to move forward on the planning process and to prepare the future of the health workforce by creating a platform for collaboration and exchange between member states. This will support member states in their capacity to take effective and sustainable measures to address the supply and demand for health workers. The EHFF has joined work package 6 on Horizon Scanning, led by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence. The CfWI is leading one of the major work packages, a horizon scanning project focusing on the identification and classification of the various methodologies used to do qualitative health workforce planning across member states. The CfWI will work with representatives from across Europe to estimate future skill and competencies needed in the health workforce over the next 20 years.


The joint action is part-funded by DGSANCO (the health policy arm of the EC). The EHFF has joined this work package as a collaborating partner, as part of their ongoing relationship with CfWI.

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