The Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting brings Member States and stakeholders together in a three-year project aiming to map existing activities in the areas of workforce planning and forecasting and create a compilation of good practices as a reference point for the introduction and improvement of planning mechanisms at national level.


The Joint Action builds on the objectives of the European Commission’s Action Plan for the EU Health Workforce and previous activities such as the 2010 Council Conclusions on ‘Investing in Europe’s health workforce of tomorrow: Scope for innovation and collaboration’. The Joint Action is led by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment of Belgium. CPME is an associated partner to the Joint Action and contributes in particular to the activities of Work Package (WP) 4 (‘Data for Health Workforce Planning’), WP 6 (‘Horizon Scanning’), and WP 7 (‘Sustainability’). 
Start Date: April 2013  


Duration: 36 Months  


Co-funding: DG SANCO, European Commission  


Objectives: The Joint Action is to provide a platform to support national-level activities on health workforce planning and forecasting, which are in turn to inform decisions on health workforce policy.   


Expected Results: The Joint Action aims to produce guidelines compiling the experiences and good practices in planning and forecasting health workforce needs, including terminology, mobility and planning data, quantitative and qualitative planning methodologies, and future skills needs. It will also create an infrastructure to support the sustainability of results.
Partners: The Joint Action is carried by 30 associated partners representing national ministries, research bodies and stakeholders, as well as being supported by more than 30 collaborating partners. Please find a full list of associated partners here and a full list of collaborating partners here.

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